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Suzanne Snedeker, PhD from Cornell University talks about xenoestrogens (environmental estrogens) increasing the risk for breast cancer and other female diseases.


Stories of Migraine Headache Cures and Relief


Anecdotal Stories of Help For Endometriosis and Other Estrogen Dominant Diseases

Dr. Lee claims that he has never had a case in using progesterone on fibrocystic breast disease that was not positive. Here are two vignettes.

by Elizabeth Smith, M.D.

Endometriosis much Improved with Progesterone Cream over other Brands

I just wanted to drop a note regarding the significant In my family, we have a genetic history of loosing baby over the age of 30 for those of us who suffer from headaches, especially one sided migraine headaches. I get one sided migraine headaches, and I had my first child in my late 20's, with no problems.

I tried to get pregnant again at age 30, and ended up conceiving 8 times, and dumping them every month. One actually stuck for a week, then I miscarried. I tried a low-dosage progesterone prescribed by my Naturopathic Doctor, but it didn't work. I turned to Chinese Medicine, and after 5 treatments, I was pregnant with twins. I didn't continue the treatments, and ended up miscarrying one twin at 11 weeks. I gave birth to the other twin, my daughter, at term.

I got pregnant again before she turned 2, and carried him to 15 weeks. He died in utero, and I carried him for 2 weeks, unaware that he was dead until I miscarried.

I decided to research loosing baby and one sided migraine headaches, and came upon the Women's Therapeutic Institute, and Dr. John Lee's information. I took progesterone cream for one month, and on the second month, while taking progesterone cream, I was pregnant. I continued to take progesterone cream every day, and stopped on my 8 month day of pregnancy. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at term, 3 days before my due date. He is beautiful, strong, and very smart.

I started taking progesterone again 2 months post-partum, while breast feeding full-time, with the advise of my doctor. I noticed an immediate difference in my behavior, and emotions. I felt balanced and had more energy, and I slept better. My baby's behavior stayed the same. The progesterone has no effect on him. I hope my experience helps others who are suffering from losing babys. Progesterone cream really does work.

Thanks for reading my story.

Sonya W.

Within one month I had NO PAIN.

This is my testimony. This is more than you want probably but chop out anything you don't need. I had the scraping surgery for endometriosis April 16, 2002. In 3 months the pain was back actually worse than before. They put me on birth control pills for 3 years. I didn't realize that the birth control pills allowed the endometriosis to grow unchecked. They basically just reduced the pain somehow and gave me a false sense that I was getting better. By the time I realized I wasn't getting better, but worse, it was everywhere. My gallbladder was removed in 9/2004 and the surgeon took pics of the endometriosis for me. My gyno took one look at the pics and said something had to be done but she wouldn't touch me. I foolishly waited until May 2005 but found a wonderful doctor who did a surgery not considered conventional. He had 20 or 30 years experience in treating endometriosis and someone that had the surgery told me about him. By now:

the pain was intense,
I couldn't hold my urine,
I urinated constantly,
I had a constant headache - nothing made it go away,
My skin hurt to touch it,
I had diarrhea a lot and it would hit with no warning
Depression had started
My joints ached and I was convinced I had lupus or arthritis or cancer.
I couldn't sleep due to the pain and only had 1 week a month that I did NOT have intense pain.

The surgery worked. I was hospitalized for 5 days and wore a catheter for 3 weeks. But over a couple of months - most immediately, the pain went away. I had a life again. There is a 90% success rate with this surgery. But I was the worst he'd ever seen. They cut out part of my small intestine and bladder because the endometriosis had pierced them. They burned off the peritoneum (however you spell it) from all my internal organs. It grows back in 7 days.

Well, about 1 1/2 years later, the pain came back in my bladder area. To urinate was getting painful for about 3 days. Then over 3 months the pain got to the point where walking was painful at times. The pain was probably about a 7. I would be walking and just stop and take a deep breath. I was crying and terrified because surgery wasn't going to help. That was obvious and I almost lost my bladder the first time Dr. Kelly said.

On November 6, 2006 I stopped all xenoestrogens - I went full force - detergent, hair products, food, no makeup. On November 13, 2006 I ordered the Indole 3 Carbinole and started taking it when I received it along with all the other vitamin recommendations. I ordered the Progesterone oil but I am not sure of the date. I started with 1/2 dropperful and now use 1 dropperful a day. Within one month I had NO PAIN. The next month I cheated in small ways - chocolate mainly and some spices. Unfortunately I cooked with a lot of oregano and thyme. I had minor pain (2). My last period was great so I am cheating with a little hairspray right now (this week). My ovarian cysts seem to be better also. They had left for 1 1/2 years as well and started coming back in May 2006. Combined with the endometriosis, the cysts are extremely painful.

I hope you can use some of this. If it's way off base, please let me know and I can do something else. Basically, I was a case that had no hope and your methods seem to have worked with no knives to boot. My gyno is completely for it. Marcy L., Tampa, FL and feel free to use my full name and city. I don't mind at all. I talk to a lot of women about endometriosis because no one cares to research it or treat it and it's a horrible that can rob your life. It almost took mine. I will always be grateful to Dr. Kelly for cutting it out and you for keeping it from growing back.

Marcy L., Tampa, FL , Jan 17, 2007
Marcy L. has graciously agreed to email anyone that wants to know more.
luthmarlaura @ yahoo.com

Fibroid Gone. Sex Drive Returns.

I am very satisfied with the quick results I have achieved using Progesterone cream for the last 5 months according to your instructions for treating uterine fibroids. I was feeling much improvement after one month, and could not feel my fibroid at all after 3 months.I am not experiencing any symptoms at all at present.Thank you so much for your research and clear instructions on what lifestyle changes, supplementation, and products to avoid in addition to the progesterone cream.

In addition to the Indole-3-carbinol and bioflavanoid supplementation you recommended, I have added 50 mg Butterbur extract (Solaray) daily which has completely alleviated my one sided migraine headaches that I have suffered with for over 12 years. I rarely ever have a headache now with the above combination of supplements and the progesterone cream.

Thank you again for your wonderful product and professional advice. I am so very grateful not to have any more discomfort, bloating or pressure from uterine fibroids and estrogen dominance.

One major improvement I forgot to mention was that my non-existent sex drive returned within just a few weeks of starting the progesterone cream. This was a pleasant surprise.


Deborah E., Lafayette, CO


I wanted to say 'Thank you'. All of the info I have received both in the booklet with my first order, as well as several emails back and forth with you have been so valuable! I have started using only Bare Essentials/Minerals makeup, and my skin has never looked better.

I also now know what to avoid as far as preservatives/herbs and the difference has been phenomenal! I am no longer having any mid-cycle pain, my cycle has returned to normal, with minimal to no cramping. There is no longer any water weight retention or headaches, and no uterine pain or breast tenderness whatsoever at any point in any recent cycles! I am so happy! My weight has also returned to where I would like it to be without any dieting or diet changes at all. I feel wonderful! Thank you!

And, all this with just the modifications. I have not yet even begun to use the progesterone.

I am wondering about Ylang Ylang. I know lavender and chamomile were mentioned as ones to avoid, and I do. I did some research online regarding Ylang Ylang and noticed it's also listed as having estrogenic activity. I did want to double check this with you, as there is a hair conditioner which contains this, and I will definitely be avoiding this if this is true concerning Ylang Ylang.

Thank you in advance, and again, thank you!

Michelle P. Greensboro, North Carolina

Bye Breast cyst

You asked me to let you know how I've done after 2 to 3 months on your program. I can best sum it up in one word -- WOW!

I avoided xenoestrogens for one month prior to starting the progesterone cream in November. In December I started taking Twin Labs vitamin B-100, vitamin E, and magnesium.

Within just 2 weeks of applying the progesterone cream, my hot flashes totally disappeared and my night sweats were reduced by 90%. I still have occasional night sweats when I have very vivid/active dreams, but I can deal with this compared to being awakened several times a night from hot flashes and/or night sweats (not to mention the hot flashes had become almost continuous during the day).

Perhaps more importantly, the breast cyst that the surgeon aspirated in late September and that had already started to fill with fluid again in October began to reduce in size within the first month of applying the progesterone cream. I am not able to palpate it at all now.

My periods are still quite irregular, which has made it a bit of a challenge to know when to apply the progesterone cream. I had a period last week, after just having one the first week of January. My last period prior to that was at the end of September 2005. Unfortunately, the periods are still accompanied by a severe headache, but I am hopeful that this symptom will also disappear in time.

I did have an interesting experience in December. One day I foolishly gave in and ate a rather large square of homemade double-chocolate brownie. The next day I not only had a headache and nausea, but I also had intense pain in my breast where the cyst had been. I learned a valuable lesson, and I have no desire to repeat the experience!

I am so appreciative that you have shared your wisdom and that you offer such a great product in your progesterone cream. As you well know, the root of the word "doctor" comes from the Latin "to teach." You have done just that, and have thereby allowed me to regain my health and quality of life. I cannot thank you enough.

Given the opportunity, I am sharing my experience with other women. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Take care and God bless,

Claudia M., Richland, Washington

One sided migraine headaches Lessened after 2 months


I wanted to tell you how happy I am with progesterone cream. I have been using it now for just over 2 months and I feel great. I originally started using it to lessen my one sided migraine headaches and it has really helped. If I get one, it is only one, and mild and goes away in about an hour or so. I'm hoping that they disappear completely as time goes on. Also, my periods are very regular which hasn't been the case for the past 2 years. Definitely the oil. No PRE SYNDROME too!

I also want to tell you how nice it is to have a Dr. who actually responds to your emails and phone calls. You really sound sincere and take the time to explain everything. I've recommended the product to others who I'm sure will experience the same benefits as I have.

Thank you again.

Tish M., Huntington, New York

One sided migraine headaches No More

Just wanted to let you know that I am no longer having headaches with my periods as I had reported to you last. I did purchase a bottle of butterbur as you recommended. I'm happy to say that I did not have to use it. I have had 3 periods over the past 3 months (much more regular than I've been in quite awhile, by the way) and I did not have even a hint of a headache with any of them!

I have moved from the desert in eastern Washington to the west side of the state on the Long Beach peninsula. The reason for my move was because of my love to be near the Pacific Ocean. However, I am hoping that the environment will be healthier in regard to xenoestrogen exposure since I am no longer surrounded by farming and since there is an almost constant breeze of fresh ocean air!

Without a doubt, I will remain a faithful user of Progesterone Cream. Thank you again for all your help.

God bless,

Claudia M., Nahcotta, WA

Breast cysts and Cramps Cured, One sided migraine headache Improving!

Dear Sir,

I have used your product for two months and my symptoms are greatly improved. The cysts were gone after 3 weeks, but returned just before my period with much less force, then gone after 2 days, monthly bloating and mood swings is much improved, cramping is almost gone, periods went from 21 days to 25, and best of all my libido is back as strong as ever. My husband is as thankful as I am. My one sided migraine headaches are better, not as severe, but I am hoping they will soon be gone. They were so bad I had blood in my eyes and face afterwards. The first month after your product the one sided migraine headache was barely there but lasted 2 days, the 2nd month I forgot and ate oregano and had a hard one but not near as bad as I have in the past, and it was gone the next day.

I just ordered more and I am hoping things will continue to get better.

My 8yr old daughter has been avoiding everything on your list, but so far there is no improvement. I got rid of everything beauty product wise, and I am trying to see that she gets the right foods, but with other people giving her things, when I'm not there, it's hard.

Thank you for your product, and the info.

Laura H., Wilson, Oklahoma

I have a history of recurrent miscarriages @ 4-8 weeks

My story has been a long 7 year journey....I have been plagued with weight gain, heavy cycles, severe PMS, PCOS, migraines, acne, mood swings, breast tenderness, and infertility (8 first trimester miscarriages in 7 years) It was heart wrenching to keep feeling like I was dying, knowing there was something going on internally that no doctor could "diagnose." I took matters into my own hands and typed in all of my symptoms into a search engine and up came "estrogen dominance" and natural progesterone for the treatment. While I was researching progesterone, I came across your site and liked the fact that your product did not have all of the added herbs and chemicals of the other "natural" protgesterone creams had. I ordered your product and LOVED the buy one get one deal! I used it from ovulation to the beginning of my monthly cycle. I quickly noticed my moodiness disappearing...my acne cleared up, headaches lessened and low and behold within a few months got pregnant. I asked if Progesterone cream was safe to continue in pregnancy. He assured me it would protect my pregnancy and gave me the dosage recommendations for someone with my history. I continued to use progesterone cream until my 6th month and am proud to say I now have a very happy and healthy 3 month old baby boy! Thank you for your support while taking progesterone cream! It changed my life! I will continue to use progesterone cream and eliminate the use of products on the avoidance list to assure my hormones and body stay in balance! And may even try for baby #2....

Best Regards,

Jody L C

I sent this email over a year ago and am pleased to announce I have a healthy, happy 12 week old baby boy! I started using your oil @ 4 weeks and had a very healthy uncomplicated pregnancy! THANK YOU!!!

I do have a question..can I use this and still breastfeed? I want to keep my hormones balanced and ready to go if we try for baby #2. Are there any side effects or harm for the nursing baby? Thank you!!!

Jody C.

I have a history of recurrent miscarriages @ 4-8 weeks (6-8 total). I have a history of horribly heavy cycles with heavy bleeding and clotting. I started the use of progesterone cream about 4 months ago. It wasn't your oil at the time and did not feel much of a difference, but pressed on. I found out last week I am pregnant. While I was researching progesterone 2 weeks ago, I came across your site and quickly ordered your product and started it @ 4 weeks pregnant. ( i have been on it one week) I have never made it this far (5 weeks) without spotting, so we are hopeful that this time, we may be successful!

Because of my severity of symptoms, I am opting to use the oil, 3 dropper fulls, 3 times a day. I do have extra weight on me and I was concerned about my absorption, so I wanted to assure I was getting the highest dosage possible. Is this an appropriate dosage for my situation. Also, I do not want to stop the oil until I reach 8 months to assure all is okay.

Does this sound like a good plan to you? Are there any dangers to having too much natural progesterone in early pregnancy? I am in the process of changing my soaps and detergents as we speak and am taking my list of things to avoid with me where ever I go.

Thank you for your information! I have read other testimonials and feel I too will have an amazing story to share in about 9 months!

Best Regards,

Jody C.

Colonial Heights, Virginia

Aug 11, 2009

Help for a Migraine

Doing great on progesterone cream. I had a migraine headache and put a dropper under tongue. Migraine Headache went away. I am working very much to avoid the things on the list in booklet. Doing much better!

April 13, 2009

Maria A.

Baytown, Texas

It did wonders!

Your product has been a great help the few years I've been using it. When I first started using it, I had been having bad P.M.S., cramps and many cysts in my breasts. I got off parabens for the most part and started using the oil. It did wonders! My husband couldn't even tell when I was about to start. Hormone Headaches and profuse underarm sweating were a thing of the past and very light if any hot flashes in the night or breast tenderness.

My question is: I am almost 49 and the past couple of years have had a "regular cycle of 25 days then a break through period two weeks later, then 25 days and two weeks later, etc. My periods were pretty light, lasting maybe 3-4 days. The past few months, they started getting heavier/longer and in January I had a very heavy one lasting over a week. Now this month I was supposed to start on the 10th but have not had a period yet. I usually stop applying the oil the day I start and then wait 8-12 days before applying it again. When should I start/stop applying the oil if I don't have a period? I'm assuming this is part of the menopause process, but want to apply the oil at the proper time to get the most benefit. Thank you for your time,

Kim H.

March 17, 2009

Marietta, Georgia

Editor's Note:

Periods becoming heavier indicates a xenoestrogen or phytoestrogen in your environment. Get rid of it and the problem will go away.

Take Progesterone Cream whenever you do not have a period.

What a relief to not be in near daily agony!

I would like to tell you that progesterone cream is like a magic potion, and the "Brief but Important List" was an eye opener. I am doing much better now that I am following its recommendations and using the progesterone. I pass along the information about progesterone cream every chance I get.

I suffered from frequent (almost daily) migraine headaches until I started using progesterone cream and following the brief list. What a relief to not be in near daily agony!


Jennie F, Jan 12, 2008

Hawthorne, Nevada

No stomach aches, bloating or headaches, no breast pain and my moods are more consistent day to day

Just a short note to let you know that I am so great. I have removed as many xenoestrogens as possible from my environment, skin and diet, as you advised, for nearly a month now and the improvement has been amazing. I am using the Nature Clean powder detergent, no dryer sheets, Elysian Dream products for hair and skin (fragrance free and those without rosemary and lavendar oils, only ones with olive oil, and the organic, fragrance-free shea butter), and the crystal deodorant vs. regular deodorant (AMAZINGLY better), and we changed all of our household products to the Nature Clean line and no longer use any antibacterial foaming soaps or anything. Just Grandpa's baking soda soap for regular hand washing.

I have lost seven pounds this month, my last period cycle was 28 days (who knew!) and my hair has started to grow back (after four years of thinning!!). The biggest thing is that my body is, quiet, for lack of a better way to describe it! No stomach aches, bloating or headaches, no breast pain and my moods are more consistent day to day. My energy is coming back, skin is great -- I can't believe it.

I think I have finally tapped into what has been ailing me for the past six years and I couldn't be more pleased! I plan to use these products regardless... the "clean" feeling from them is just so great. My husband has been using them too, and we are thrilled!!

Thank you so much!


D.S., Huntington, New York

Dec. 19, 2007

I'm doing really great.

I'm doing really great. Have made some major changes in the food I eat (Traditional Nutrition) and have been very faithful at applying the progesterone and I feel better now than I did when I was younger (I'm 55 now). One thing I started doing for about 6 months now is I never go off the progesterone. I take it continually. Every time I went off for a week, within a day or so I started getting headaches again. So I just stay on and it's worked out great. Thanks for all you do for women. Very thankful for you.

D. Wagner

Acworth, Georgia

July 16, 2007