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Virtually all Natural Progesterone is made from yams or soy. Soy and Yams contain a diosgenin which is a molecule that has the base molecule of progesterone. The progesterone cream should not contain any mineral oil, as mineral oil blocks the absorption of progesterone. It should contain vegetable oil instead. The vegetable oil should NOT be sunflower oil or safflower oil since these two oils may have hormone disruptive properties and be estrogenic. The correct dosage should be 500 mg/oz - 1000 mg/oz of progesterone taken so that you initially receive 20-60 mg/day of progesterone. The progesterone cream should NOT contain Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Butyl Paraben or any of the related Parabens as those are estrogenic. The cream should not contain phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol is also estrogenic. It should not contain certain estrogenic herbs. It should not contain stearal konium chloride since that is toxic.

by Elizabeth Smith, M.D.

Many of the companies tout that their progesterone is made from yams or soy. However, that is the most economical way to make progesterone. All Natural Progesterone is made from yams and/or soy. These plants contain a disogenin which has the base molecule for progesterone. In processing, some parts of the diosgenin are cleaved off and progesterone is the result.

Yam extract, a diosgenin, is not Natural Progesterone. Thus, some skin progesterone creams say that they contain a yam extract. Zava, PhD that runs a saliva hormone testing laboratory says that the human body does not have the necessary enzymes to convert yam extract to estrogen or progesterone. According to Dr. Lee, those creams that only contain "yam extract" do not work well. Yam extract does have a hormonal effect; you may feel like you have more energy. However, a yam extract cream alone does not have a progesterone effect. A skin progesterone cream containing Mineral Oil will NOT work. The Mineral Oil will block the absorption of the Natural Progesterone. The skin cream should contain a vegetable oil instead.

Be careful of toxic compounds in the skin cream. Much to my horror, one compound that we were recommending to my patients had Stearal Konium Chloride, an emulsifier. According to the University of Texas database ingestion of 3 cc of Stearal Konium Chloride is enough to cause fatal convulsions in an adult human.

Be careful of herbs used in the skin cream. Once again we used a skin cream on some of our post menopausal patients that caused their uterus fibroid to get bigger. We found that the company had used some herbs that were estrogenic in nature. Red Clover, Sage, Rosemary are common ingredients to progesterone creams that are estrogenic. I found several patients that took red clover and this cuased their fibroids to grow.

Recently, Professor Sumpter in the U.K. discovered that Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, and Butyl Paraben are estrogen mimics and stimulate the estrogen receptor. His research was so disturbing that the European Union inquired of the European Cosmetics and Toiletry Association whether these common preservatives would increase the rate of breast cancer. The vast majority of hand lotions and gels contain this preservative. We found that many Natural Progesterone creams contain this preservative as well. Some companies tout their product as "paraben" free. However, their new "paraben free" progesterone cream contained phenoxyethanol as a substitute. Phenoxyethanol is also an estrogen mimic.

The correct concentration of progesterone in the skin cream according to John Lee, MD is 500 mg/oz -1000 mg/oz. Initially, you can load your body with 60 mg/day for a migraine headache. Most mentrual migraine headache sufferers know when they will have a migraine headache. They begin to use the progesterone cream 5 days before the migraine headache will start and slowly build up to a higher and higher dose of progesterone. During the time of the migraine headache, some find that rubbing the progesterone cream on the temples or using progesterone oil under the tongue (sublingually) also helps. In general, the ovary produces 20 mg/day of progesterone, and the placenta produces 400 mg/day of progesterone at the height of pregnancy. Thus, the therapeutic range of progesterone is quite large. You can easily use more progesterone if you need to. Progesterone is rather harmless. The only danger is the use of progesterone to stop miscarriage. If you use progesterone cream to stop miscarriage you cannot forget to take it one day. Stopping progesterone suddenly will produce a dropping progesterone level in your body and will generate a miscarriage. Also if you take progesterone before you ovulate this will stop ovulation because the body will think it is pregnant.

If the dose of progesterone is too low there is no clinical effect. If the dose is too high then the patients experience shortness of breath. If the dose is too high, the patients will also experience an emotional depression when the progesterone is stopped. In extreme cases, when the progesterone was 2,800 mg/oz, we have heard of some patients becoming mentally confused. The mental confusion was reversed when the patients stopped taking the cream for several months.

Here is one vendor that we like:

Progesterone Cream made by Women's Therapeutic Institute

This vendor uses natural progesterone dissolved in vegetable oil. This product can be used under the tongue to avoid a sudden migraine headache.

Progesterone Cream Alternative Site

Learn about Nutritional Supplements to Treat Migraine Headaches!

Progesterone Oil Mirror Website


  • Avoid parabens. Avoid phenoxyethanol.
  • Get the correct concentration 500 mg/oz -1000 mg/oz. Some creams have less than 20 mg/oz!
  • Avoid estrogenic herbs.
  • Avoid mineral oil.
  • Avoid Stearal Konium Chloride.
  • Use Natural Progesterone, Not Yam Extract.
  • Use progesterone in a simple vegetable oil base under the tongue to head off a sudden migraine headache.

There is a list of progesterone creams found in What Your Doctor May Not Tell Your About Menopause by John Lee, M.D. by concentration. There may be other ingredients to avoid, the above may only be a partial list. You will have to screen them further to avoid the above ingredients. Choose your Progesterone Cream Carefully!