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Using Progesterone Cream helps Alleviate the Migraine Headache for Relief and Treatment

How Much Progesterone Cream Should I Use for Migraine Treatment and Relief?

Everyone metabolizes and absorbs progesterone cream differently. So experiment with the dose and use the dose that your body likes the best. Many women can feel and know when the migraine is about to come. So the women can slowly build up their dose before the day of their migraine headache. You may reserve the highest dose of progesterone cream for the day of the migraine headache. You may even use the progesterone cream every 3-4 hours. You may rub the topical progesterone cream on the temples of the head. If you can find a progesterone oil, many migraine headache sufferers find that sublingual use under the tongue is very helpful to head off a migraine headache.

For the first two to three months use 60-70 mg/day of natural progesterone from days 12 to 26 with the first day is the start of your period if you are premenopausal. This comes out to using 2-3 oz of progesterone cream/oil assuming each oz contains 500 mg of Natural Progesterone per oz of cream/oil. After the 2-3 months, use one ounce a month. If you do not want to conceive at this time, then you may use progesterone cream whenever you do not have a period. However, if you are really desperate, then you may even use progesterone cream through your period. If you use 20-60 mg/day the period will still break through. However, if you use more progesterone cream than that then the body will think that you are pregnant and stop the period altogether. "Pro" means for. "Gesterone" means gestation. So progesterone means "for gestation". High levels of progesterone occur throughout pregnancy. So High levels of progesterone stops the period.

But, taking progesterone cream for long periods with no break will tend to make your body less sensitive to progesterone. So I usually recommend cycling off the progesterone periodically to maintain progesterone sensitivity.

Taking topical progesterone cream before ovulation makes the body think it is pregant and will stop ovulation. Consult your doctor for the use of progesterone cream in pregnancy and lactation. If you have a progesterone cream that has 1000 mg of Natural Progesterone per oz use one half of the above volume. Women who have a great amount of body fat may need to have a slightly greater dose. 5-10% of women do not absorb progesterone well through the skin, and in this case oral progesterone may be used. For a sudden migraine headache attack, in addition to the skin dose, progesterone oil from Women's Therapeutic Institute may be used under the tongue.

by Elizabeth Smith, M.D.

John Lee, M.D. treats Pre Syndrome with 60-70 mg/day of natural progesterone for 2-3 months on days 12 through 26. After the first 2-3 months, the dose maybe cut to 20-40 mg/day. The ovary usually produces 20 mg/day of progesterone. During pregnancy, the placenta produces 400 mg/day of progesterone. Thus, there is a very large therapeutic range for the use of progesterone. Thus, natural progesterone is quite safe to use in doses from 20 mg/day to 400 mg/day. Natural Progesterone is the same molecule that your body produces; it is bioidentical to the progesterone your body produces. In contrast, many of the synthetic estrogens and progestins are chemically modified from the natural molecule and are dangerous to use. If you do NOT want to conceive immediately you may use the progesteronee See Progestins. Thus, Natural Progesterone is safe for you to use in a very large varying dose.

If the cream or oil contains 500 mg/oz , and his patients use two ounce of cream for the first three months during days 12 through 26 where day 1 is the first day of your period. chemical lab and excedrin migraine This comes out to about one (1) teaspoon per day. The cream can be applied to any part of the skin with good circulation. The area may be on the neck, chest, legs, arms, thighs, palms, or soles of the feet. Rotate the areas so that the progesterone will not saturate any one area. The cream is applied once in the morning and once before bedtime. Some patients experience mild drowsiness after application of the cream. If so, one application before bedtime is fine.

Since progesterone is an oil soluble molecule, it is absorbed into the body fat. The body fat acts like a reservoir or sponge and soaks up the progesterone. Thus, women who have much body fat may need to take greater amounts of progesterone for it to work. Skinny women may need to take less progesterone. After using natural progesterone for a while, you will learn what feels better. One sign that you are taking too much is that you become too happy when taking progesterone and when you stop taking progesterone you become depressed. If this is the case, you may be taking too much. Use whatever dose works for you!

Less then 1% of women do not absorb natural progesterone well through their skin. If you are absorbing progesterone well through the skin, you should feel the difference with less bloating and less tender breasts right before your period within 10 days. A simple saliva test can confirm skin absorption. See Testing. If you do NOT absorb progesterone well through the skin, then oral natural progesterone may be used.

In addition to the skin dose, IF you are using a progesterone that is just dissolved in vegetable oil, and not a cream, patients have found that this progesterone oil can be used under the tongue just as they feel the migraine headache coming on. Many times this will alleviate the migraine headache. Since the oral dose of progesterone is ten times that of the skin dose, the patient can take 4,000 mg of progesterone safely orally per day.

Progesterone Oil may be found at Women's Therapeutic Institute.


  • Use a progesterone cream that gives you 60-70 mg/day of natural progesterone per day for the first 2-3 months on days 12 through 26 where day 1 is the first day of your period.
  • If the progesterone cream/oil contains 500 mg/day, for the first 2-3 months use two ounces of cream per month; this is about one (1) teaspoon per day.
  • After the first 2-3 months use one ounce of cream per month; this is about one (1/2) teaspoon per day.
  • Use Progesterone Oil under the tongue for a sudden migraine or pre migraine headache attack.